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Jubilee organic gardens/soils - What is bokashi

In 2011, Jim Couts and his wife, Cherie, created Jubilee Organic Gardens, a company dedicated to providing rich, sustainable soils to gardeners and farmers.  Jubilee is using a  ground-breaking and innovative method to produce high quality, organic topsoil while diverting hundreds of
​                             thousands of pounds of post-consumer waste.

Facebook:  Jubilee Organic Gardens
Website:  What is Bokashi

Dave Knoble

"Hive Q": Exploring the Intelligence of a Honey Bee Colony

Did  you know that a colony of Honey Bees can actually make decisions? Explore some of the "mechanics of thought" that a colony of bees employs in their decision making processes. Also get an overview of some of the biology and social structure of a hive and join a discussion about some of the things you need to know if you are considering keeping bees.

Dave Noble’s 20 years of experience as a beekeeper and queen breeder began when he was at The Ohio State University under the mentorship of Sue Cobey. He is the Apiarist at Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, OH.   Dave’s beekeeping philosophy is “Learn to listen to the bees and they will tell you what to do”.

Website:  Apiarist – Stratford Ecological Center


baby birds

Julie is a writer, artist and naturalist at home in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio.  Educated at Harvard University in biology & art, Julie worked as a field biologist for The Nature Conservancy. She has presented illustrated lectures for nature organizations and festivals across the country and exhibited her paintings at universities, museums, galleries and in juried shows. She has written and illustrated articles for many well known publications. Julie has  written and
                     illustrated several books, most recently Baby Birds.

Website:  Julie Zickefoose

Blog: Julie Zickefoose    Facebook:  Julie Zickefoose

Debra Knapke

Jim Couts

Cheryl Harner

Our Living legacy:  American Trees

Enjoy a rollicking trip across the eastern U.S. to “hug” some of the most significant trees in America.  These survivors of westward expansion, timbering, industrial growth, pests, drought and disease have much to teach us.  We’ll celebrate the aesthetic and ecological benefits provided by trees in both Old-Growth Forests and public parks. Let us discover their hard-won lessons before we plant trees we expect to live into the next century.

Website:  Flora-Quest

2017 four seasons of gardening - spring conference

Spend a full day learning from six professional speakers who will share their passions, experiences and personal inspirations of why the are passionate about nature.  All speakers will be featured in the main auditorium. 

 Herbs in the landscape: sensual gardens

Herbs allow us to experience the world through our senses.  Their beauty, smells, tastes, textures and sounds are often subtle, but welcome in a world where we are bombarded by hyperbole and multi-tasking on a daily basis.  Explore the concepts of garden design and "gentle living through
                           herbs" in a presentation that may change your ideas about pleasure in the garden.

         Website:   DebraTheGardenSage.com     

       Blog: Heartland-Gardening

Jim McCormac

Jim mccormac

As a birder, naturalist, botanist, photographer, conservationist & writer, Jim shares his experiences with birds, nature and motorcycles.

Blog:  Ohio Birds & Biodiversity
Twitter:  Jim McCormac

Julie Zickefoose